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The IGN Bioscience started with the DAAD funded IGN-TTRC as a consortium of eight Indonesian universities to improve teaching, training and research collaborations. In 2014 most of the IGN-TTRC members decided to continue the collaboration and founded the IGN Bioscience with now 11 Indonesian partners and a large number of associated German laboratories. There is a multitude of activities (for details see provide link to projects) including attempts to apply for joint grants, workshops, conferences, student training, a manuscript editing service and many more, A major aim of the consortium is to established better scientific co-operations between Indonesian partners and to obtain support from German partners whenever necessary.

The improvement of bioscience in Indonesia also requires improvement of curricula, of  infrastructure, and of collaboration by sharing expertise and technical know-how.

It will not be easy for Indonesia to reach high international standards in science but the members of the consortium are ready to face the challenge and contribute jointly to Indonesia way into high quality research.

Universities and research institutions who would like to actively join this mission are welcome to apply for membership. Currently the consortium consists of the following institutions:

  1. Univeritat Kassel, represent by Prof. Dr. NellenGunter Backes 
  2. Brawijaya University, represent by Prof. Fatchiyah
  3. Andalas University, represent by Prof. Ari Jamsari
  4. Mulawarman University, represent by Prof. Krishna Purnawan Candra
  5. Sam Ratualangi University, represent by Dr. Trina Tallei
  6. Jember University, represent by Dr. Kartika Senjarini
  7. Airlangga University, represent by Dr. Bambang Irawan
  8. Gadjah Mada University, represent by Dr. Yekti Asih Purwestri 
  9. Jend. Soedirman University, represent by Condro Wibowo Ph.D. 
  10. State University of Malang, represent by Sri Rahayu Lestari, M.Si. 
  11. Ma Chung University, represent by Tatas Hardo P. B., Ph.D
  12. Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, represent by Yunus Effendi Ph.D.