Jan 06


In 2010 the IGN-TTRC started as a DAAD funded consortium of seven Indonesian members and Kassel University to improve teaching, training and research collaborations by establishing mutual trust between partner institutions in Indonesia and Germany. Five training modules were established by courses for all partners, several joint conferences were carried out, exchange visits by students and faculty took place and some research projects were initiated. Not only Kassel University but several other German institutions were involved. After the funding period in 2014, most of the IGN-TTRC members and some additional Indonesian institutions (a total of twelve) signed the “Manado Agreement” which isthe basis for the IGN Bioscience.

The focus of this new consortium is :

a) to continue improving teaching activities includingpublic outreach programs;

b) to jointly try to improve infrastructural problems in Indonesia;

c) to establish and deepen intra-Indonesian collaborations by joint grant applications on competitive research projects and thus

d) to improve chances for funding of collaborative research with European, preferentially German research institutions.

For this purpose, theIGN Bioscience keeps close contacts with researchers in Germany and other European countries. Currently, the consortium consists of the following partners. Further partners are welcome to apply.



Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nellen