Institution (address and e-mail):
Plant Breeding Institute,
Faculty of Agriculture Andalas University.
Campus Limau Manis, 25136-Padang.
West Sumatera, Indonesia.

Email: ajamsari@yahoo.com

Name and academic title:
Prof. Of Genetic and Molecular Breeding.

Date of birth
02 February 1968

Position in institution
Head of Biotechnology Lab.

Graduated from:
Post Graduated Program: Andalas University (1997)
PhD : Christian Albrechts Universitaet zu Kiel, Germany. (2003)

Positions held:
2003-2004: Post Doct at Christian Albrechts Universiatet zu Kiel
2006 (6 months): Post Doc at CAU financed by Leibniz Preis.
2010 : Program academic recharging (3 months)
2012 : Reinvitation program (DAAD) (3 months)
2011-2014: Andalas Coordinator of IGN-TTRC consortium
2015-now : Andalas representative og IGN-Bioscience
2009-now : Member of Indonesian Biodiversity Society

Scientific expertise:
Molecular Breeding, Genome Analysis, Molecular Genetic, Molecular Marker System.

Expertise in reviewing, science management:
Reviewer of Journal Riset Kimia
Reviewer of Journal Agrivita
Reviewer of LPDP scholarship

Relevant current cooperations:
Kassel University

Present on ResearchGate: yes
RG Score: 11,8; Impact point: 10,99