Krishna Purnawan Candra



Institution (address):
Mulawarman University,
Fac. Agriculture
Dept. Agricultural Technology Product
Jl. Pasir Balengkong, Kampus Gunung Kelua
Samarinda75119, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Name and academic title:
Krishna Purnawan Candra
Dr.oec.troph., Ir., M.S.
Prof. of Agricultural Product Technology


Date of Birth:
31 July 1964

Position in institution:
Prof. at Dept.Agricultural Product Technology, Mulawarman University

Graduated from:
Bachelor: Bogor Agricultural University, Dept. of Agroindustrial Technology (1987)
Master: (M.S.) Bogor Agricultural University, Dept. Food Science (1990)
PhD:   (Dr.oec.troph.) Christian-Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Dept.Food Science and Human Nutrition (2000)

Positions held:
1989 – 2004:    Assistant Lecturer, Fac.Agriculture, Mulawarman University
2001 – 2004:    Head of Agricultural Product Technology Laboratory, Mulawarman University
2004 – 2006:    Lecturer, Fac.Agriculture, Mulawarman University
2006 – 2013:    Associate Professor, Fac.Agriculture, Mulawarman University
2013 – now :    Professor at Dept. Agricultural Product Technology
2014 – 2015:    Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory, Fac.Agriculture, Mulawarman University

Scientific expertise:
Food Chemistry/Biochemistry, Fermentation Technology, Bioenergy, Biotechnology

Expertise in reviewing, science management:
Ad hoc reviewing for some journals
2015 – now:   President of Indonesian Society for Microbiology of East Kalimantan Branch

Relevant current co-operations:

Present on ResearchGate: yes
RG score 1.98, Impact points: -