Bambang Irawan



Institution (address):
Dept. Biology, FST, Universitas Airlangga
Jl. Mulyorejo, Kampus C UNAIR
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Name and academic title:
Bambang Irawan


Date of birth:
05 April 1955

Position in institution:
Professor of Population Biology and Carcinology

Bachelor : Universitas Gadjah Mada, Fakultas Biologi, Yogyakarta (1981). Field: Bird taxonomy and Ecology
Master of Science : Ehime University, Dept. of Biology, Fac. of Science, Japan (1991). Field: Population Ecology of Estuarine Crab.
Ph.D (Dr.) : Tohoku University, Dept. of Genetics and breeding Science, Japan (1994). Field: Genetics study on estuarine crabs (mechanism of speciation).

Positions held:
1981 : team member for establishing Fac. of Science in Universitas Airlangga
2008 : taskforce for establishing Technobiomedic Study Program (S1) in FST UNAIR
1996 – 1999: Head of Department Biology, MIPA, Airlangga University.
2010 – (Dec 2015/Jan 2016): Coordinator Study Programme (Doctor degree), FST, Airlangga University.

Scientific expertise:
Population Biology (Crustacean, insect and mammals), animal taxonomy and ecology (Bird and snake), Population interaction (competions: Bossondaicus and Bosbubalis); animal behaviour (bird) and bees pollination (this were during undergraduate student), adaptation (Crustacean). Coastal biodiversity. Field Geology (Historical Geology: undergraduate time).

Expertise in reviewing, science management:
Founderand Chief editor of Journal of Biological Researches (Berkala Penelitian Hayati)
Editorial Board Member: Journal of Biological Researches (published by PBI cabang Jawa Timur); Berkala Ilmiah Kerpendudukan (published by PPKP UNAIR)

Relevant current cooperations:
No more active cooperations but nowdays in on going contacts to a bat guano industry (merchant) to study about animal community in bat (Chiroptera) cave.

Present on ResearchGate: yes
RG score 10.87, Impact points: 7.81