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Tatas Hardo Panintingjati Brotosudarmo


Name and academic title

Tatas Hardo Panintingjati Brotosudarmo, Ph.D


Age, date of birth






Institution (address and e-mail):

Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments (MRCPP)

Universitas Ma Chung

Villa Puncak Tidar N-01

Malang 65151, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Web: http://mrcpp.machung.ac.id/

E-mail: mrcpp@machung.ac.id


Position in institution

Principal Investigator and Head at MRCPP

Assistant Professor at the Faculty



(Diplom) Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Dept. of Chemistry (2007)


University of Glasgow, Division of Molecular and Cellular Biology (2010)


Positions held:

2007: Laboratory research assistant, Dept. of Physical Chemistry, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Germany, for 3 months

2007 – 2010: Early Stage Marie Curie Researcher, Fac. Biomedical & Life Science, University of Glasgow, UK

2007 – 2010: Visiting Marie Curie Researcher, Experimental Physic IV at University of Bayreuth, Germany and National Laboratory for Ultrafast, 2 months each year

2007 – 2010: Visiting Marie Curie Researcher, Ultratense Optical Science (CNR/INFM ULTRAS) at University of Milan, Italy, 2 months each year

2010: PARC-Postdoc, Dept. Molecular Bioscience, Northwestern University, USA, for 1 month

2010 – 2011: Research Associate, Inst. Molecular, Cell, and System Biology, University of Glasgow, UK

2011: Principal Investigator, Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments, Universitas Ma Chung, Indonesia

2013: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Ma Chung, Indonesia


Scientific expertise:

Photosynthesis, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, Protein Biochemistry, Multispectral Imaging


Expertise in reviewing, science management:

Ad hoc reviewing for Photosynthesis Research (Springer Verlag)

Technology Intermediary Agent, The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (2014 – 2016)

Ad hoc National Reviewer, The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (2015 – ongoing)

PI of National Innovation System Grant SINAS (2012-2014)

PI of International Research Collaboration and International Publication (2012-2014)

PI of Incentive for the Development of National Center of Excellence (2014-2016)

PI of TWAS The Academy of Sciences for the Developing Countries (2012, 2014)

PI of Indonesian Toray Science Foundation Research Grant (2011)

Founder of NATChrom, a start-up company for standard pigments

Developer of Mata Daun, a smart farming android application for plant health detection


Relevant current cooperations:

Research affiliate, Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center (PARC), Washington University in St. Louis, USA (2011)

Shimadzu Collaboration Laboratory Indonesia, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) PTE LTD (2014)


Present on ResearchGate: Yes (http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tatas_Brotosudarmo2)

Citations: 298

Impact points: 82.05