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MusaThis is a large scale project using a comprehensive approach to investigate biodiversity in banana, to improve nutritional value and possible medical applications. The project is based on the specific interests and expertise of IGN members and combines taxonomy, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics. An important prerequisite for the project is the availability of the germ plasm garden in Yogyakarta.


Two grant proposals for SINAS applications were prepared in 2015 but, for technical reasons, not submitted. Both proposals include several IGN members and nicely combined the expertise of the IGN. Since the grant applications are completely prepared, only an update is required for submission in 2016.


One proposal is mainly aimed at a comprehensive biodiversity catalogue of the cultivars in the Yogyakarta germ plasm garden. The other one aims at a new simple imaging technology to determine phytochromes as indicators for nutritional value and plant diseases.