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onychoporaOnychophora are ancient species with high importance for biodiversity research. They live in primary tropical rain forests on probably all the small Indonesian Islands. On Java and Sumatra no Onychophora have been found in more or less systematic expeditions. They have been found, however, in the Malayan part of Kalimantan (Eoperipatus sp.). The Indonesian part has apparently not yet been investigated. There is no information on Onychophora in Sulawesi.

The group of Prof. Georg Meyer at Kassel University is specialized on the systematics, morphology and cell biology of Onychophora (website Meyer-Group). He is very interested in collaborations to find, describe and analyze new species in Indonesia.

Collaborations could include exchange visits and training in state-of-the-art methods in systematics and immune-histochemistry.


Further measures

IGN partners who are working on rain forest biodiversity and planning excursions in Sulawesi, Kalimantan and the smaller islands may include Onychophora in their searches. Upon request, Prof. Meyer will supply hints and instructions how to find and how to handle Onychophora.

Specifics of potential collaborations will be negotiated in the case that new species are found. The IGN coordinator is available to support such negotiations.


It may be of interest to invite Prof. Meyer to one of the next conferences on biodiversity in Indonesia. At this point, travel expenses have to be covered by the Indonesian side. If successful collaborations emerge it will probably be rather easy to obtain funding from Germany.

Please inform the IGN coordinator if you are interested and can provide funding for a conference visit.


Localities of Onychophora east of the Wallace Line:

Paraperipatus ceramensis (Muir & Kershaw, 1909)

Type locality: INDONESIA, Moluccas (Maluku archipelago), West Ceram (Seram island), vicinity of Përoe.


Paraperipatus keiensis Horst, 1923

Type locality: INDONESIA, Key Islands [Kei-islands], Great Key Island [Pulau Kaibesar], Goenoeng Daab [Gunung Daab], 300 m.


Paraperipatus papuensis (Sedgwick, 1910)

Type locality: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, West Papua, Sarayu, Central Arfak Mountains, 1,066 m (3,500 ft).


Paraperipatus lorentzi Horst 1910

Type locality: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, West Papua, Wichmann Mountains, southern part of the Arfak Range, 2,743 m (9,000 ft).


Paraperipatus vanheurni Horst, 1922

Type locality: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, New Guinea, Doormanpad, 2,900 m. The current name of the locality might be the Maoke Mountains (Doormanpad-bivak, Pegunungan Maoke)


Paraperipatus amboinensis Pflugfelder, 1948

Type locality: INDONESIA, Maluku archipelago, Ambon Island.


Paraperipatus leopoldi Leloup 1931

Type locality: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, West Papua, environs of Sakaoeni (spelt Sakoemi in the original description), 500 m.


Paraperipatus schultzei Heymons, 1912

Type locality: PAPUA NEW GUINEA, north of New Guinea, inland region, on a mountain at 1,570 m (German New Guinea).


Paraperipatus stresemanni Bouvier, 1914

Type locality: INDONESIA, inland region of Ceram (Seram) Island.