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Plasmids and Strains

The IGN SC can supply plasmids and bacterial strains as listed in the PDFs.
Currently, the quality of the biological material can not yet be checked extensively by the IGN-SC. If the IGN-SC is sufficiently used by the members we will establish a rigorous quality control.


Storage for private, restricted samples: 10.000 IDR/year/sample (members only)

Sending plasmids:

20.000 per sample plus shipping (IGN members)

40.000 per sample plus shipping (non-members)


Sending strains:

30.000 per sample plus shipping (IGN members)

60.000 per sample plus shipping (non-members)


If you have plasmids that are not in the list, please send them to the IGN-SC so that we can improve the service!

Here the details of plasmids and strains collections in IGN Stock Centre (you may download the PDF file below to see it).

Plasmids for E.coli

Coli Strains