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Manusript Editing Service

Manuscript Editing ServiceMany Indonesian scientists have problems with writing papers in English. In collaboration with Science Bridge Germany the IGN-Bioscience is now offering an Editing Service for scientific manuscripts. Editing is done by young Science Bridge scientists with an MSc or PhD in various fields of bioscience. Though editing will mainly concentrate on language, scientific remarks may be included and serve as a “pre-review”.

Editing will improve manuscripts but does not guarantee acceptance of a manuscript by a journal!


Manuscripts should be send as a word file by e-mail to nellen@uni-kassel.de. Editing will be done within approx. 10 days and edited papers will be sent back in correction mode and as a file with accepted corrections. Comments on scientific issues maybe included separately.


As a pilot project, we charge 1.75 Mio IDR per manuscript for IGN members and 2 Mio IDR for non-members.